Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging

Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging

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The Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging is another first in publishing. Anthony created a 3D model and to print each one takes 35 hours and 45 minutes. Each 3D Printed Packaging has 1059 black layers. On the cover is the "All Time Home Run Leader" brand with two finger grips to remove the 3D cover which holds the museum quality book.

Designing For The Home Run King is a design book about the building of a brand for the best home run hitter baseball has ever seen: Barry Bonds. Anthony Phills, the award winning designer of Hilton Worldwide HHonors Android app has curated video interviews and commentary and images to tell this unique story. With a foreword by Jeff "JB" Bernstein, co-creator of "The Million Dollar Arm" by Disney Studio and marketing agent for Barry Bonds, we go behind the scenes of the quest for the all time home run record. Through a series of micro-stories we get inside the synergy between the drive for the record and the creation of a hard hitting brand.

This is an excellent reference for students and professionals in design and marketing, as well as for anyone interested in the visual stories of baseball milestones behind the Barry Bonds brand identity.

  • All Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging come with a iBook download version with curated video content from Anthony Phills.

Next Gen Designer: The 1st 3D Printed Book Packaging from Anthony Phills on Vimeo.

Design and Directed by Anthony Phills - Music by Navid Lancaster


Book: Touchie book cover, 7 x 10 in., Orange Magnetic Cover 7 x 10 in., 72 museum quality acid-free pages - 3D Printed Book Packaging: 8.675 x 11.675 x 1.25 in. Black only

Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging + Designing For The Home Run King book PRE-ORDERS will be shipped September 2016.


Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging
Limited Edition 3D Printed Packaging